Architectural design inspired by a punch card with ff2 Novelis Pre-Painted Aluminium

The façade of the Technical University Wildau made from 2,0 mm ff2® pre-painted Aluminium


The technical university of Wildau is located in the southeast of Berlin in the grounds of what was once the largest locomotive factory in Europe.
The reference to an oversized punch card, developed by SEHW architects Berlin reflects the technical core of the university.

Genius façade solutions

The entire building envelope was designed as a rear-ventilated curtain wall made of horizontal perforated aluminium panels in the standard size of 395 x 2880 mm. The façade cladding consists of 4500 m² ff2® Novelis pre-painted aluminium with high-quality 4-coat PVdF-coating (color crystal silver =RAL 9006, Kynar 500 89/20).

Peter Ness Bauklempnerei Berlin installed the aluminium façade which looks like flat sheets. Because of the overlap the horizontal and vertical bents on the top of the panels are not visible.
The perforated panels are fixed to the sub-construction at the top. These are completely closed at the back by white-coated aluminium sheets. The vertical joints are covered by ff2® aluminium strips glued on the reverse side of the elements. This leads to a completely closed uniform façade without joints.

The rain water penetrating the perforated façade is drained away via the white aluminium sheets and the perforations in the horizontal elements.


Horizontal punch card design

The number of perforations on the panels gradually increases from the bottom to the top of the facade. Each row of panels is staggered by half length (1,44m).

ff2® Novelis pre-painted aluminium has excellent weather resistance and a high permissible load (96 MPa). Stamped scraps of this project could be easily recycled as ff2 is 100 % recyclable.


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