Pioneering aluminum facade for the Wintergartenareal

Wintergartenareal is the new headquarter of Leipzig’s Housing and Construction Association (LWB) and symbolizes the sustainable realignment of the company.

Convincing architectural design

In a recent architectural competition, the commissioned architects “Schaltraum Leipzig”, co-operating with “GMP - Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner”, convinced the jury with their progressive design concept. The competition objective was to develop an architectural approach for a new office building with a strong focus on an innovative façade that blends harmoniously into the existing cityscape. In addition, the competition remit included the aspects of energy optimised, sustainable construction and should comprise an innovative energy, and cost-efficient building concept in accordance with EnEV 2009.

This concept has been successfully put into practice: 430 employees relocated into the aesthetic new office building, with a total floor space of 5.485sqm, next to the “Wintergarten Sky Scraper” which was built in the 1970’s. The ground floor hosts training rooms and a cafeteria with an attached kitchen connected to the green inner courtyard.


Attractive 3D-aluminium façade (© Peter Usbeck)


view from Wintergartenstraße


Novelis ff2® pre-painted aluminium for a sleeky façade

Flat ceilings, walls and columns made of reinforced concrete are the main supporting elements for the seven-storey office complex. The modern headquarter’s façade consists of glass elements combined with Novelis pre-painted Aluminium ff2®. Artmann Consult Geomatik was assigned with the detailed planning of the three-dimensional aluminium façade. Dulitz Glas- und Leichtbaumetall GmbH processed and installed the façade. For the façade the planning team chose Novelis coil-coated aluminium ff2® composed of an AIMg3 (5754) alloy it’s strength and flatness. The pre-painted panels of 2mm thickness in the color shades bronze, beige and grey metallic have proved outstanding weather-resistance and colour retention due to its durable PVdF coating. In total 10,500 sqm of Novelis Aluminium sheet provides a sleek and modern appearance to the new headquarter building.


Corner of Wintergartenstraße


3D aluminium pilaster strips (© Jens Schlüter Photography)


The three dimensional elements for a vibrant appearance

The façade elements were formed into a three dimensional form and fastened with screws in the bottom beads of the cassettes. The vertical columns at the large sides of the building extend over two floors, the horizontal ones connecting to the building edges. Where the horizontal and vertical columns meet, three dimensional intersections posed a major constructive challenge. A customised sub-construction was essential which was supplied by BWM Dübel und Montagetechnik located in Leinfelden-Echterdingen (Germany).
The construction of the 3D- cassettes give the façade a visual depth. The two large scaled building sides on the northern and western front invite natural light into all seven floors and with the opposite façade surfaces only rising to three floors, thus allowing the inner courtyard to enjoy the daylight. Wintergartenareal is a groundbreaking architectural façade concept for historical city areas. Such 3D-façades made from combined construction materials will pique the architects’ creativity and desire for more buildings of this type.


The cafeteria (© Jens Schlüter Photography)


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