News: Batimat Paris 2011

Novelis showcases innovative aluminium surfaces on Batimat Paris 2011

Hall 1, Lane H, Booth 24

07.11.2011 – 12.11.2011

The Cube – A Jewellery box

Avant-garde architecture with high-tech aluminium made of Novelis J57S anodizing quality aluminium sheet.


Since the beginning of 2011 Birmingham's skyline has been dominated by an architectural highlight: "The Cube". This extravagant 70 metre tall building complex with its remarkable golden facade shimmers with the multi-faceted vibrant reflections of different shades of bronze.

The architect Ken Shuttleworth of MAKE Architects describes his design as the “jewel”, which accommodates a 17-storey luxury apartment complex; 10,359 square meters of exclusive shops and offices; Birmingham's first boutique hotel; and a panoramic rooftop restaurant.

An 18,000 m² facade was created by HAGA Aluminium Fabricators fromanodized aluminum J57S, which gives the building its distinctive shining golden appearance: 8250 different gold coloured pre-anodized aluminum cubic panels were used.

The decision to combine aluminum and glass not only ensures optimal light conditions, but from an environmental point of view also saves energy.

Outstanding Novelis performances for architecture

  • A1 fire rated, non-flameable according to DIN EN 13501
  • Outstanding permissible load (96 MPa) and optimum weather resistance
  • Certified for building above 150m tall
  • 100% recyclable

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