No chance for germs

New: Novelis SAN-B12 aluminium surfaces with hygienic coating

Coli bacteria in intensive care units, Salmonella in the cafeteria food?

The risk of bacteria being transmitted is greatest wherever large numbers of people congregate. Quick reproduction of germs on surfaces is a big risk for hygienically sensitive areas like clinics and laboratories, wellness centres, retirement homes and food processing areas.

In association with world-leading research facilities Novelis, the leading producer of aluminium surfaces, has now developed a hygienic coating to eliminate the most common kinds of bacteria.


Special paint elements in the SAN-B12 polyester coating prevent or reduce the reproduction of germs, thereby breaking the transmission cycle. The San B12 aluminium surface finish is produced in a coil coating process and therefore it is ideal for further common metal processing steps. Coated product samples were tested in accordance with ISO 22196 in the laboratories of IMSL (Industrial Microbiological Services Limited) in the UK.

The results show the percent reduction in the microbial load achieved after an incubation period of 24 hours at 35°C and a relative humidity (RH) of > 95% compared with the starting condition.

With its strongly antimicrobial effect, the new coating scores highly wherever reliable protection reduced bacterial loads and clean surfaces are called for.

Brighter Ideas with Aluminium
Brighter Ideas with Aluminium

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